Drum tracking in the Studio (Video)

After many years of being a member of the YouTube community I have finally uploaded my own video to the infamous site. I promise to keep uploading videos a couple times a month because I think it’s good to post videos of your un-doctored work to a public forum such as YouTube to keep you honest. I took the video with a Zoom Q3HD camera, if you have any questions on the gear I was using from drums to mics, let me know. The sound is only coming through the Zoom’s mics.

Let me know what you think, Thanks for checking it out.



3 responses to “Drum tracking in the Studio (Video)”

  1. Nice playing Rich! No questions from me about the mics you were using, those are Shure SM7s!!!!! My favorite microphone! I have only ever used one on the snare before though, never tried it on the toms. I’m sure ( I mean I’m SHURE!) that they sound great on toms too. Michael Jackson used that mic to record Billy Jean vocals! I love the concept of posting videos from the recording studio. I have filmed a few sessions that I’ve done recently, but I’m waiting to get some of the audio from the other instruments to mix in a little before I post them. Anyways, great work! Max.

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